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TÜGİAD ELEGANS which start publishing life in year 1985 is published once a two months in Turkish (with English Summary) during the process where young Turkish Republic continuing its economic and social development is carried to European Community, with a style of explaining the developments lived on world, inner and external dynamics, philosophy of globalisation, reforms in our economic and social life and it reaches to readers and subscribers in Turkey and Europe.

TÜGİAD ELEGANS having a net circulation of 12.000 issues are delivered to TÜGİAD, TÜSİAD, YASED, GYİAD, TABA, BUSİAD, Turkish-Belgium Trade Association, Arı Movement, Turkish Finance Executives Foundation, (YES) European Young Businessman Associations Confederation and VIP addresses, State Protocol, Universities, Consulates, Embassies and Honorary Consulates, in return for signature by means of unique organisation which is rarely met in Turkey and additionally, it is offered for sale in selective newspapers and book stores having very wide range and which are suitable for target mass.

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